Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Where will I be Friday night?

While I deal with my writer's block I will put this out there.  I won't be one of those crazy people waiting until midnight Thursday night to see the movie first thing. I think I have only done that once in my life... when his Lordship was little we took him to see him Batman first.  He was a huge fan and it was a big moment.  The Hunger Games books were amazing to me... Usually you only get the future presented in happy tones in young adult books.  How far are we from such a dystopia?  The Romans killed people  and enjoyed it mindlessly like people watch reality shows today.  When do we end up in this place? What is it that tips the balance?  Those are all valid discussion questions... but Friday night... possible Saturday to avoid all the psychotic little girls... I won't be thinking about any of that.  I will watch one of the greatest books I have read in a long time come to life.  I will eat my little (actually teeny once you open it) 42 dollar box of candy and 17 dollar baby soda cram myself into a seat next to a bunch of strangers and chew my nails until the actual movies starts.  Which of course, depending on the theater is actually 45 minutes to an hour after the advertised start time.  Then I will sit through the drama and love and ups and downs and loop de loops of what had better be the best movie representation of one my books.  (ie: not like what happened to Twilight movies)  That's what I will be doing this weekend.   

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