Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not Pants... leading up to *GASP* my opinion of Jeggings, PJ Jeans, Furry Boots during all seasons, and in general, morons.

Because the return of the rampant Christmas Plague has returned, I am extra uber cranky... also it is Shark Week. (no, not on the discovery channel) So that combined with the weird side effect of a medicine change that has caused swollen... swollen doesn't even begin to describe the cloven hoofs of squish I have developed and the fact that this forces me to wear the highly uncomfortable "Old People" socks... IE: Compression socks.
Have you ever wondered why grandma was never in a good mood? (Except my beloved grandmommie, she was an angel on earth and I miss her deeply every passing day.... yeah that wound is still pretty new. : ( )  Well if you had cranky gam gams... it was because of the compression socks. Look at that another world issue solved by me. YEAH! GO ME! Y'all aren't impressed.... sorry.  But alas I am working for y'all because I love you.  So enjoy this great parody whilst I go cook short ribs for the family.  Bet y'all wish you were here for some yum-tacular  Southern cooking. awww.... I wish you all could be!  xoxo ~A

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  1. I agree with jeggings.. (well except on little babies... they are pretty cute on little babies), furry boots and the like.. but I feel a tad more stupid for having watched that video..... :)