Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Birthday to Manders

As a horrible person, I forgot to wish my best friend Manders a Happy Birthday.  I basically suck as a human being... who forgets birthdays?  Saying Happy Birthday on Facebook seems so crass and cursory... I much prefer a card or at least an email.... Flowers and things that sparkle or are leather and come from Coach are also readily accepted.  (with zeal) However I am still pretty broke... and my ten readers are just not coming through with those care packages we discussed.... and now that I have "ads" on my page.... not one of you has even clicked on it so I can get my two cents out of it.  That's fine... this isn't about me really.... it is about the other Amanda who's birthday is today and she is the ripe old age of 24-ish too.  Everyone, all ten of ya, raise a pint and wish her a Happy Birthday the best way I know how.... Ladies and gentlemen... Paul McCartney.
xoxo ~A


  1. I'll raise a pint...or two...oh, least three...Happy Birthday Ms. Manders...Amanda's friend!!!

    1. Dave, reader #1, you would be amazed to meet Amanda and Amanda.... we are quite a pair.... an amazing pair.

  2. hold on.. I'll go click on all the adds so you can get paid. :) Happy Birthday to Amanda!

  3. Thank you Tracy! Those student loans are not gonna pay themselves... I clicked on one to see what would happen... and it is like 76% of a penny. So... I am going to spend a lot of time clicking ads. I wonder if filling out stuff helps? I could really use more junk mail....