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  1. Dear A,

    Chibi's mom here...thank you sooo much for the insight to Chuckie...I laughed for at least one solid hour....

    1. Chibi's Momma,

      I am so glad that the insight into the mind of a ... well the thinking of ... well I am not entirely sure he has or does either one, but I am glad I could make you laugh about it. My new motto is when buying a horse or taking on a boyfriend check the teeth first... he was rotten to the core.



  2. Hi there,

    I found your blog after one of my friends shared it with me on Facebook and wanted to run a few things by you. I'm working on a wedding/event venue project, and I think it’s something you could definitely relate to. Let me know if you have a moment to discuss.


  3. Hi SSB - love your site and am wondering if you ever post guest contributions. I was attracted by the fact that you are an Anglophile, like me! This is the post on my old site.

    My new site is

    If you have a minute, it would be great if you could take a quick peek, and let me know if you are interested. I appreciate your time.
    You get a definite boost from me!
    Thanks so much!