Other Blogs/Stuff/Websites I Love and Follow

The wittiest, most intelligent, and definitely the most well traveled person I know writes an amazing blog and I stole her use of the word "Snarky" because let's face it snarky is a good and apt word.  PLEASE GO READ OF HER MAGNIFICENT ADVENTURES HERE!   She is truly amazing and I love her to death! So go!

Passion Parties! Enter SOUTHERNBELLE at check out for 10% off your ENTIRE order! Go see Sunny she is the BEST!

 One of the greatest most upbeat little family's on the planet! My friend Justine and her beautiful Bella, along with the Military Man of the house!

My friend Tracy's blog called: "Lemons and Lemonade: no matter what life throws at you make it sweet" One of the sweetest girls in the world! Go read about her here!

The greatest, most creative, busiest newlywed on the planet, who I love dearly... owns and operates this wonderful store full of great fashions, in Anderson, South Carolina, but the site it available to everyone! If I could I would buy everything here!

What could be more Southern than Moonshine?  ; )  South Carolina's first LEGAL Moonshine Distillery representing Upstate South Carolina and good friends with my friend who owns McAuley's Boutique (link just above this one) Palmetto Moonshine.  AND of course it comes in the cutest little mason jars!

One of my best friends is marrying this guy, who is like the brother I never had... and he is an awesome photographer.  Awesome really isn't even the word, it is more like trying to explain color to a blind man.  Either way just go see his work here at Photos And Text.

A website that never fails to inspire, make me laugh, make me cry, and overall just improve your life.

Whenever I need to laugh my ass off or figure out the correct usage of semicolons or affect v. effect I go for some Oatmeal.

I love Great Britain.  I can say that without being a terrorist right? I love it there.  The most beautiful country in the world.  When I start longing to stand on her rocky beaches of the South Coast I visit this website.

My dog, my love, my child, the stubborn, smelly, pain in my ass has his on twitter too follow Griffin.


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