Friday, August 16, 2013

Confronting the Student Loan Scandal in America

Rolling Stone magazine this month confronts the Student Loan Scandal. I highly recommend the read. As a student myself I consistently wonder if I am getting what I am "paying" for... or in this case will be paying for. I may never own a home, afford children, indeed find work because of some companies policy on checking credit. Fascinating read and I actively encourage this read for anyone. The government has a sick and twisted way of making college necessary and lying to young people and people like me, older but no way to pay out of pocket for school because of the high price on tuition. According to the article the now government owned student loan program stands to make 184 billion dollars off of the student loan programs in the next few years... That's right BILLION. Student debt in this country is already in the TRILLION range. I realize this is a departure from my usual attempt at a humorous approach but this is a serious issue and I think all people should be aware of the scam being perpetrated on America's youth; that could stand to bankrupt an already fragile economy on a level not yet seen in this economy. Worth mentioning, if you declare bankruptcy student loans cannot be included. As the article states, even gamblers can declare their debts in bankruptcy.

As recently as this summer, when I took a term off Sallie Mae started calling for money on a loan. They even called my father. Like he can do anything in these tough economic times. What was he suppose to say to these people? Between my medical debts for my illness and student loans... I may never be out of debt. Follow the link here:

Read the article.... inform yourself. Perhaps we should find a way to rise up and say enough is enough. Oh wait... typically as a nation we are too apathetic to do so... We should be outraged! We should stand up and say something about a lot that is happening in this country and yet silence and apathy is the name of the game. Please read the article and let me know your thoughts on the matter.

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