Wednesday, August 1, 2012

On this other blog.... I have....

I have a new author on my old food blog!  Since things are returning to normal and the cooking is falling back to me around here of late, I have felt a huge guilt at not posting my recipes since I last posted!  I am so happy that a new found friend offered to co-author the Food Blog to help me out!  Running two blogs, and a school.... and well just everything else was a whole lot of daunting!  Go check out her first post and as always comments are adored!  Subscribe, vote, follow, we are on Facebook, Picket Fence Blogs.... etc.  Check us out you will be glad you did!

Blue Jean Foodie Queen: Simple Authentic Quick Pasta Sauce:                

Hi I am Jennifer. Amanda told me to indroduce myself which I think is what made me the most nervous about posting on the Blo...

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