Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Amendment One

and Hypocrisy


550526_365949146804497_268330443233035_987696_1867142830_nOops.... forgot to keep reading the Old Testament rules huh?
You'll have none of that "love thy neighbor" crap... not you... in fact you will ink it into your skin! Sadly you kept reading as the buzz of that tattoo needle marked you for life.... <insert eye roll and sigh> and then... God Bless Your Heart.... you remember that there is a New Testament where this really rad dude named Jesus said a bunch of great stuff!
Great stuff we all should pretty much follow Christian or not... because well... it makes sense and has been passed down as practical wisdom through the ages;  and well since you appear to be Christian, by your choice of book quotations.  Jesus will forgive you for being a bigoted, ignorant, asshole, hiding behind your freedom of religion and speech to take away the rights of others. 45333_307662292649378_171788062903469_669998_522569040_n

I am no one's judge... but you dear sir, are not either.

I am southern, proud, Christian, straight, and American.  I believe in the Civil Rights of all, let me repeat, ALL people.  I am not anyone's God, nor will I be waiting at the gates of heaven to read you your list of sins and ask you to account for them.  Who you love is none of my business... as a Christian I am commanded to Love my neighbor, it gives no further instruction on loving them based on who they love.  This instruction is one I will follow for the rest of my days as best I can, sure I have my moments in traffic when I love no one and they KNOW IT.  The point is I try.  I will go to my grave TRYING.

There are TEN rules God asked us to specifically live by.... if you are not Christian, look up Sumerian Code.... nearly the same.... 551135_393835410659162_152560524786653_76233892_104083603_nthey are ten solid rules of conduct that have been accepted by nearly every culture I have ever heard of... NOT one of them says anything about whom to love and how.  We are only instructed to LOVE. How hard is that as a task?  Love, simply love.  Like a child in the womb or a devoted pet waiting for your return home; just love... with all your heart and soul love one another because God made each of us.  As momma likes to remind me, "Does God ever make mistakes?"  to which I usually point out the Platypus.... but only as a funny.... God does not make mistakes.  God creates love and life.

Thank goodness all these "Christians" who went and decided they knew better than God and Jesus Himself and voted on Amendment One here in North Carolina passing a state constitutional amendment that not only bans gay marriage but547900_440640732630840_196601040368145_1583187_2083477567_n dissolves any type of civil union; which will end up with dire consequences on both sides of the sexuality fence. Setting a dangerous legal precedent and setting us back nearly forty years in the civil rights arena. I pray that forty years from now when this civil rights battle has passed they will feel as stupid as those bigots who crowded the lunch counters in Greensboro, NC to attempt to force out the black students who refused to leave.   
Jesus died for these bigots though, and asked God with his last breath to "Forgive them, for they know not what they do."  Thank you dear North Carolinians for proving how childish and under evolved our race truly is.  

It’s a bit late now… but it lays out the facts.

Click her to sign the petition against the Amendment.... YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN NC RESIDENT!



  1. Tell me how you feel Amanda. I mean really feel. :) Where I don't agree with you on your views of gay marriage, I do agree with you that we all do need to love one another. We need to have tolerance, patience and love. There is a quote by an Elder in our church, Dallin H Oaks.
    "Tolerance obviously requires a non-contentious manner of relating toward one another's differences. But tolerance does not require abandoning one's standards or one's opinions on political or public policy choices. Tolerance is a way of reacting to diversity, not a command to insulate it from examination."

    So If I was in N.C. I would have voted the same way. (I assume because I have not actually read the bill in its entirety) But I feel like many people no matter what side they are on, equate tolerance with acceptance. I try and love everyone, some people make it harder then others, and I do fail at times. But I agree that as Christians we should try and love all. Christ did atone for all of us.. not just the 'more righteous' of us.

    1. I respect your views Bandaid! The law is dangerously worded. As it points out in the video there are four words in it that leave the interpretation of the law wide open! I am Christian 100%, I believe in God and Jesus. I do not have to be pro gay marriage to still feel love for people who love the same sex. While I have no issue with gay people wanting to get married because I in no way see that it affects me. IF they want to LOVE they should be allowed to love whomever they want. You are entirely correct, tolerance does NOT have to mean acceptance. We as human beings, as sinners, have no right to sneer down our noses at people who are simply trying to live their lives.

      The Mormon church as you know is often sneered at by other religions. I have no problem with any religion, because it does not affect me. You have never tried to "convert" me, and I have never met a gay person that has tried to make me gay. They tolerate me and my beliefs even my Christian upbringing knowing full well that most of my life I have been taught they are wicked.

      Jesus, preached tolerance and love. He was not the terrifying fire and brimstone God of the Old Testament. His job was simple, and tragic... he gave for us all of us. I get goosebumps just thinking about the scope of that. He loved everyone, lepers, whores, thieves, poor and rich... there was no division. It does not express it directly in the Bible, and I wonder if it is because it was left out by Constantine when the modern Bible was formed... But I do not see Jesus turning his back on a gay person anymore than a leper.

      I fail also. I cringe sometimes when I should embrace. I make jokes or snide remarks when I should say I love you and I accept you. Tolerance does not equal acceptance or even that you condone the behavior. Think of the people we know from high school that were gay or have come out... do you love them any less now? Does it matter? I don't think it does. And I am Baptist... we judge everyone! LOL

      See jokes.... unnecessary jokes. LOL Thank you for contributing to the conversation. I appreciate it. Strictly from a legal point of view, leaving all religion out of it, our own founding documents as a nation should prevent this sort of thing. Of course the law is always a matter of interpretation and precedent. Dissolving ALL non marriage unions, and defining marriage as this law does. Means common law marriage, couples that have a church marriage but never filed the legal paperwork preferring instead a vow before God rather than a legal contract... civil unions etc. ALL OF THOSE ARE NULL AND VOID. The video really lays it out, and not in just pro gay marriage way. It is really more about the dangers of the way it was written. I encourage you to watch it. I would never try to sway your opinion but I think it is important to understand fully what the consequences are. This law was really ONLY presented as a "Gay" issue... no one really knew about the rest of it. So immediately the churches got involved, a direct violation of separation of church and state! And now as of today it is an amendment to my state's constitution. And I fear for the future.

      I love you Bandaid! And I respect your views! I thank you for speaking your mind. I worried about the backlash I might receive, but I think reasonable discussion and tolerance can win the day.

      Love always,


  2. I signed! Baby steps towards equality for all...

    1. Liz,

      I love you! Sign and spread the word! You are right, equality should be available to all, in my opinion. I have no right, nor does anyone, to judge. This is a CIVIL RIGHTS issue... in more ways than one! You are incredible woman with an advanced mind and I love that you are my cousin... and I love that I have a contemporary in my family! Hugs to you and Matt and all your "babies". PS: Do you wish you were in England this weekend? I SURE DO! Or even just the Olympics! GAH! I so planned to go the wrong summer! <3

  3. Signed it Your Grace!!! I do not believe in anyone particular God or another. I believe in treating each other as you would want to be treated. No more, no less!!! I believe in what makes 2 people happy is not my place to decide if it is wrong or right as long as it does not harm another person. Those are my simple beliefs in this and most matters. I too make a lot of jokes and comments about others, but I fully expect them back. So I try to stay true to my initial statements and live and let live!!

  4. Thank you, sweet one! You are brave and beautifully outspoken. <3

    1. I don't know about brave. I have received some not so nice "private" responses. Apparently it is not a popular thing to be straight and support this movement; particular in certain circles in my area. Circles of people I used to travel with... I have become quite different in my old age... even liberal. That's what life is though... growth, tolerance, understanding, and the more you learn to accept yourself the less you have to look down on others to build yourself up.

      So I look at these people who are so against this and these people that take time out of their day to snap off an ugly email and I think it is sad for them... sad their minds have never expanded. What horizons have them missed? What experiences or moments in life have they passed by because of their short sighted views. Cara, I love you to death, and I admit when I found out that you were gay I was taken back a bit. After some consideration, and yes PRAYER, it hit me that it does not matter at all. It has not mattered with my other gay friends, why would it matter with you? I suppose it just hit me funny because of how long we have known each other... I don't know. Still it remains silly that it would only matter to me about you. You are the same sweet soul I have always known. And the God I believe in, does not see a "mistake" or a "abomination" He sees your pure heart, your LOVE, and your capacity for goodness. He made you who you are and to me that makes you just right.